Calendula Kamut

Calendula Kamut

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Balanced prepared fresh frozen meals for parrots to serve both hot and cold.

1st quality food with organic food for human consumption.

Each dish contains 250g of food, equivalent to 8-25 servings

Method of preparation: 10 seconds in the microwave or boil water and place a bowl over hot water and wait 5 minutes then give or serve directly after defrosting

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For small (parakeets, lovebirds, toui, etc.): One to two teaspoons per day
For medium parrots (youyou, counure, jardine, etc.): Two to three teaspoons per day
For large parrots (amazon, African grey, eclectus, etc.): One to two tablespoons daily
For very large (Ara): Four tablespoons daily

Storage: 4-5 days in the refrigerator

Ingredients: Kamut, squash, green peas, flax, sesame seeds, chia, sunflowers, pumpkins, calendula

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